The Naked Man Flees With Michael Zwaagstra


Today. Special guest is author of the naked man flees michael's wag stra welcome to the show. Michael well thank you very much mike. It's a pleasure to be with. You appreciate you being on taking the time. So let's let's hear a little bit about that book. Naked man flees naked man flees while the the full book title. Is the man. Fli es timeless truths from obscure parts of the bible and seek to do in the book is to highlight forty obscure passages passages in the bible that christians and non christians alike ten dimiss With the bible and passages the tend not to have a lot of servants preached about them and to take a closer look at what these passages say in What possible meeting they might have to today. i've taught In addition to teaching public high school. I also teach a part time basis at stop five college. Which is our our local bible college here in steinbeck manitoba and i've found that You can never assume that christians know their bibles really well But a lot. Don't and i i know that on your show. One of the things that you say at the end is that you encourage people to pick up their bibles and read them and i agree. People should pick up the bible and actually read it because otherwise you're gonna miss a lot of important stuff that's in there actually. Yeah there's a lot of stuff in there. It's pretty interesting for sure. Chapter two for instance you talk about one of my favorite will if it's my favorite but it's definitely one of the stories that are in there The the moses and y'all we meeting them at the lodging place and he's about to kill him mad. That is such a strange story. It makes a stranger because it's just kind of thrown in there you know you're you're reading the story then all of a sudden this happens and it goes right back to where left off so it's yeah it's it's a strange one and it's one that a lot of people A lot of christians miss and one of the reasons that we miss it is that it doesn't make it into any of the popular movies. It's not in charlton. Heston the ten commandments does make it into prince of egypt and the exact. Yeah go figure. I'll read the la read. The exact passage is chapter four versus twenty four to twenty six at a lodging place on the way the lord met him. That's moses and sought to put him to death then sapporo took a flint and cut off her son's foreskin. Touched moses beat with it and said surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me. So he left him alone It was then that she said a bridegroom of blood because of the circumcision.

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