MURDERED: The Lundys Part 2

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Ashley flowers and i'm brett and today we're back to tell you the second part of our story about mark lundy and his murdered family his wife christine and their seven year old daughter amber. Now if you're just tuning in now and you haven't heard part one you have to go back listened to part one first so you can be caught up. I don't want you to be lost. So brief recap where we left off. Last episode mark had just been convicted of both murders and sentenced to life with a minimum of seventeen years before he's eligible for parole. Both police and the crown prosecution in new zealand. Were sure that he was the person responsible for the killings and they were confident that marks sketchy behavior is over the top grief at the funeral. The time of data christine's dna on his clothes all crude beyond a reasonable doubt. That mark was guilty. But we're learning that there are two sides to every story and as experts journalists and marks defense team continue their fight to show his innocence a much different story emerges and many people all over zealand and beyond start to wonder is the wrong

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