Tyrone McKinley Freeman (Ep. 8, 2021)

In Black America


From the university of texas at austin k. Ut radio this is in black. America yasser she had a very difficult life. You know on the one hand. Her story starts kind of special way because she's the the first free born child into a family that have been enslaved two years after emancipation. Eighteen sixty seven all of her siblings and her parents have been in play but she's the first free mora one so you can imagine that joy but then very quickly her parents die and she's left an orphan by the age of seven and from there it just kind of gets gets kind of even worse because she she marries her early teens and have the child but then her husband died. And now she's a widow you know. And so she has everything just kept coming at her and she but she kept persevering and and on top of that. Jim crow is being constructed all around her as the promise of reconstruction. Was you know kind of taken out from under black folks feet so It is. It is an incredible story of everything that she had to overcome. But the but the pushing and so it's it's a credit to her own tenacity. But also to the these communal ways of looking after each other and supporting each other and pushing back against these systems to try to navigate and make a way out of no way back to tyrone freeman assistant. I philanthropic studies at indiana university lily. Family school the philanthropy and author of madame cj walker gospel of giving black women in philanthropy. Doing jim crow published by university of illinois press in his book freeman examines african american women's history of charitable giving activism education and social services for vision through the life and example of madame cj walker their early twentieth century african. Americ- philanthropist and entrepreneur freeman highlights. I'll giving shape walkers life before and after she became wealthy. Four and willow when she drives in saint louis a twenty s walker foul mentorship among african american churchgoers and working african american women. I'm john johansen junior. And welcome to another edition of in black america on this week's program madame. Cj walker has gas will give him with doctor. Tyrone friedman in black america while she was in saint. Louis she started working for a woman named annie malone who own her own company another black woman a beauty cosmetics company and. She started selling products there. So that's kind of her first exposure and of course her brothers had a barbershop to so there's some exposure there And she leaves Saint louis around nineteen o five and goes to denver colorado and at the time she's selling products for malone but it's also at that time that she starts to develop her own products and how exactly that happened is not really clear or documented but she starts selling her own products and she that's when she becomes madame. Cj walker because she married her third husband. Charles joseph walker takes his name and then puts the madam on it And and then starts her own brand puts her own face on her product which is a unique contribution here to as a as a black woman. and and so the story kind of takes off from there. Aren't you know philanthropy person activists madame. Cj walker roll some poverty to become of the weather's african american women of a generation. She usa position to advocate for the advancement of african americans and foreign into lynching born. Sarah breedlove twenty third eighteen sixty four on a plantation delta louisiana. One of six children. She was the fifth sibling and the first in a family born free at the emancipation proclamation walkers early life wasn't very auspicious she worked as a washerwoman and cook. Life took on a turn for the better when she moved to saint louis to be with a four brothers. She joined the church there and participated in many other church activities in nineteen five. She moved to denver colorado and with one dollar and twenty five. Cents launched their own line of hair care. Products and straightness will african american women in his book.

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