Mitch McConnell talk Right. He knows


Up Liz Cheney and she got the booze and Mitch Mitch McConnell got booed, but he was very, very diplomatic in that. In his Mitch McConnell talk Right. He knows he needs Mitch McConnell there. Hailes, which McConnell did him solid when he was in the White House. You don't feel he did in the end, okay? But he did. Now for Mitch McConnell to say that President Trump is practically morally responsible for the riots that that could sour relationship because I don't think that Mitch is. I don't think Mitch hit that as he could have or should have. The thing that was interesting is and I'm gonna be talking about this morning. There was this pole right? They do a strong holds its famous Cpac's trouble and Trump wins. Who do you want for 2024? Trump gets 55% Rhonda Santos, the governor of Florida, who is a hugely popular party right now gets 27% and then, like Ted Cruz got 2% and And Christine. Um, got 5%. Mike Pompeo got 2%. Story. There is the 55% because how it's being played. His Trump leads the way in 2024. 55% is 400% lower than I thought he would do. Like I am stunned that 55%. The question I've been asking As I've been watching. It is what these people want more do they want trump the person or do they want trump the fighter and how to take that fight and bring its other candidates. 55% might mean the ladder. That means the ladder that's good stuff and establishment. Republicans don't understand that Holy cow. Are they missing the boat? I'll dig into all of that

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