Tony Blair Wades Into Vaccine Passports Debate


You've mentioned or the. The institute is also talked about favoring a vaccine passports and you know this is one thing that of course international travel will not continue for quite some time. It's something that it feels like. Has divided actually not just the uk but also europe for that matter with the idea of quarantines quarantine hotels. Why do you think vaccine passports are a good idea. And do you expect them to be taken up. I whether eucalyptus certificates pasta oughta validation. What would it be call it. It just seems to be inevitable. The countries will will want to know your disease status before you enter. And they're already demanding today. Dr respect to testing so many countries you can't get into outta We know the vaccination reduces transmission and reduces the likelihood of people getting the disease severity considerably. It seems to be obvious that countries hit for executive at Tourist industry of the tourists will wall today. Oh what's the disease status while the vaccination status of the people about sharon town with sharon restaurant way. So i think this is. This is my point to civilization. it will put in place of proper system. Now don't let a patchwork of different systems different processes validation topsy-turvy because you just find a lot of complexity in a lot of confusion

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