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Wray is answering questions at a Senate hearing on domestic terrorism in the attack on the U. S. Capitol, another in a series of congressional hearings on that deadly January 6th assault. The trauma of the tragic heroine Day lingers on This timeless symbol of our democracy still bears the scars of that attack. Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin opened the hearing and noted, haunting reminders of the attack all over the Capitol complex. Durban chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. Capitol Security officials have blamed faulty intelligence for the lack of preparedness. Durban pointedly asked the FBI director. Do you have any evidence that the Capitol attack was organized by quote fake trump protesters, as some conservatives have charged Raised response. We have not seen evidence of that at this stage. The investigation into former President Trump's phone call with the Georgia secretary of state is moving forward. The Fulton County District attorney is looking into whether Trump broke the law when he told Brad Reference Burger to find more votes. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. Prosecutors are preparing to address a grand jury this week. A message from the CDC

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