Going to change because Elmer Fudd had a lot of violence. It was a lot of guns, shooting heads off and stuff, and I don't think now. That would be no. So we do have to cancel that. I don't think canceling. I think they'll just change. It had a lot of guns. Yeah, right. Nerf gun. No more shots to the face. Okay. Next year, I have the year 1962, and that's when Wilt Chamberlain scored a record high 100 points. In a single basketball game. So you know what the coach said in the huddle before the game. Okay, guys, Here's the game plan. We all dribble down the court and you just give it to Wilton. Right? Just throw to wilt. That's it and let him do what you do. 100 points. Yes, it's amazing. So what's a little bit funny, too, is that this happened in 1962, and there's only 6500 people that was at the game about 6000 people. Okay, however, 50%

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