Evergreen Mills, Fairfax City And Leesburg discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


Leesburg. Ha! Flooding Shreve Mill Road is closed here. Evergreen Mills and Greenway and a structure fire and Fairfax City effects. Arlington Boulevard that's blocked near Pick it Wrong now from garage door prepared calm. The W M A hailstorm are seven forecasts that Ringo and around 9 to 10 a.m. when the weather front comes through, But after that her winds will increase with Gus around 35. Maybe even 40 MPH. Temperature today 53 degrees. The winds will stay up overnight and wind chills early Tuesday will be the team The high temperature Tuesday 45 degrees with sunshine. I'm ABC 7 M all just Veronica Johnson, and they're still not seven Weather Center right on the nation's capital 45 degrees. It's 5 27 w You grow your hair back and save $1000 right now with P A. I Medical Virginia. Permanent natural result and $1000 off is only a phone call away and they have same day financing called right now for your free consultation at seven. Oh, 37630016, and give yourself the gift of hair. PhD, Medical Virginia. Calm is the company that offers all proven solutions to restore your hair. Now you can take advantage with savings of $1000. But she

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