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You know i've missed the bus. That's how i know this happened to talking about pop. Smoke now smoke. i missed. I didn't even get on the bus. I didn't even know the the the door. The bus was open. This young man has already been taken from today. Happened early this morning in hollywood Pop smoke twenty years old rising artists on twenty twenty years old rising out artists out of brooklyn. New york was gunned down in an apparent home invasion and his house or the home that he was staying at in hollywood hills so i saw this on twitter. Like it's it's not only was he. Twenty years old but imagine coming up in brooklyn as a youth. making it out you know you know finally be on your way to start them know arguably already a star and you get gunned down across the country whow in your home in your house. Man i i heard that it was all right there. I heard that he like Last night he got a package or whatever and put it on his graham and then the package on the graham had his in it and that's actually would lead to the home invasion people being able to see the address in the tracking down jason right. It's it's real sad right so you know we just wanna show a little love to this young man. I see a lot of people talking about. Beware the people you're around. Then i feel like that's something that we always hear. In retrospect you know. How can things like this really be avoided. What are you really say. Because you know we're losing these young kids left and right for so many different reasons whether it be drugs or being gunned down to the federal system. No bro yeah. I don't even know how to is this. A i don't know if it's the right time to be having this conversation but is it. Is it a systemic issue or is this an individual problem. I sound like an asshole right now now. I what you're saying. I hear what you're saying. 'cause i'm already seeing just in the in the two hours i've been able to read up on the story about pop smoke. I'm just seeing. I'm kinda starting to see a debate already. Forming around some individuals alive will. This is the lifestyle that he racked about. These are the people that you know. These are things that talked about. Is it more indicative of his life style or do we have a problem with keeping entertaining safe. Yeah i mean he was definitely gang affiliated. Okay for what it's worth but you know on the flip side. I'm tired of that. Always kind of being an excuse or something has brought up for you know other young men of ours. You know what. I mean in our community so i don't know don't want to be a sad episode but i'm actually a little tight that the young man was taken from us. Oh soon i when. I got to the studio today. This is the first time they would. Oh walk black issues just walked in the building. The baby baby we needed to start. Introducing people are walking into the building. You know what let's go ahead and start it off in case you didn't know we want to welcome the ease trappers into the conversation. Welcome to the over the soda pot. Cash this is your chance to ease drop on four professional. We got six professional creators into building and navigate the ups and downs the lefts and rights of the creative field and we continue to push the possibilities on the creative process our host for this week. Of course jemaine man twenty grand right here. You boy be more brown. What's up everybody. The man himself. he's so excited about them. I don't think you understand because this does make a fire on the entire entirely too happy about that so loud you introduce yourself at the engines. I guess so. My name is thomas thomas the great for facilitating sir. Because i'd be out here facilitating right. So one of the things. I facilitated all the this well is our friend here is about to put tresor on the podcast table. You deserve a podcast. Works both ways. Exactly so i have my friend year lauren. Gay little hustler ak everything. Everything never drove. Consults wardrobe consultant retail awesome and manager. Ben a manager there like any major store enjoys town been in there. S guys you for shoveling. And then she might drop in like a commercial wardrobe stylist for you know like any major company just just like that just like a little communist anyways. The kid mr backpack met mr seo. Get me out the way. But nobody's skipped you baby. Nobody skipped salad policy. Proceed wanna work laura to the show. We do have into building with us to have guests. They might jump on on on mike. Introducing ourselves which you'll see. We don't have see if we can start a little positive conversation as always we're coming to you live in the lobby of the hotel. Right here in chocolates will right here in washington. Dc ear full service. Radio are jared in one corner. Shama chris pirate the other boys shout producer. Extraordinary in booth miss alexia girl. How's it going every try. Maybe no shots fired but you out. I have been walking around. Dc the last couple of days and we lookin' mighty white thanks mighty white. I wouldn't be surprised when the sisters data comes back. We find out not only lose. Two seventy thirty majority is actually flipped up on ass. seventy thirty. The other way now wouldn't be surprised. There's a lot of white period is pretty. I think they'd taken over fourteenth street. They'd taken over dupont. They've taken over adams. mormons lot. White folks sean over show yeah as little bit you got sure for awhile horse dickey. Come on i'll give me crying again. But it was so sad. Heard street from them. So i lived here. Probably ten minutes walking distance from Vicky i've been in that area since. Oh six i remember when there's nothing on a street i remember seeing people jumping on cabs trying to get home because they already knew that was the last writer for the weekend. No in striving you back to virginia sleep over here or whatever comes first and now it's like is completely it's completely different. Well the good news. Is i just read an article in the city. Pay for the business that might be taken over horse and dickey's might be jerk at night and there's another one that just popped up melker something that's been really popular honey milk and honey milk of comments. That's actually that's interesting story to a good is a good example of win win. Corporate entity takes over a local business and create a true partnership the name of the businesses. Actually now's with milk and honey present smith common's And so what. They were what they were intentional about. Was we're going to gut of infrastructure. Yes we're going to put some money into the place where we're going to keep the same staffing the same culture that may this place accessible. We just want to fuse with a little more milk. And honey. okay honey. Money money to companies. Like jerk night starting from howard's campus housecat. Many nice while put up over the fourth street to give me a quick. Swipe does jergen mac baby but so to see them. Get a brick and mortar crowd at the same time. You kind of wish that it was a a move of expansion in terms of more black owned companies or more staples as as opposed to descend replacement right and kind of maintaining but yet still got out of an interesting argument for h. street. Because

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