The Best Music Of February: NPR Staff Picks


Understanding the news is about more than just knowing what happened. You need context back story and analysis to understand why it happened and how it affects you in the communities you care about. You can get all that on. Consider this a daily news. Podcast from npr. It's what the news means. Consider this listen now for npr music. You're connected all songs considered. I'm bob boylan. It's the top of the month and time for the extended. Npr music staff to share their loves for the month. Gone by and so on this edition of all songs considered the best of february and we begin with the host of the world cafe manageress. You know every so often. Someone writes an article proclaiming. That rock is dead. Guitar music is over and then inevitably artist comes along to prove that proclamation wrong. This time aaron lee passion. Is that artist. A guitar virtuoso. Who's lent his talents to many bands over the years errands. Latest solo album called tashjian task intestine sees continuing to explore new ways to use instrument. Many of the sounds you hear on the record that you might mistake for since or percussion are experimenting with different things. His guitar can do. And while there are some to sixties and seventies rock that experimentation along with lyrics that are firmly planted in the present themes anxiety and alien nation and isolated and the internet. Keep it from veering into nostalgia. The song computer love perfectly captures the very feeling of spending a year socializing online and addresses. Those rock is dead doomsayers directly with the line. May the guitar rest in peace for. It's dead once more. What old white. Men must police whenever they get bored. Long live rock and roll man. It's aaron lee tashin with computer of love.

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