Divvied has told the story so far that


No, sir. This is not true. Please. Okay, close on to life for that customer choose the date for the living. And from that day we have up to 21 business Days to deliver customers. Good. Okay, you know, so customers goods was in taxes already on August 11. Well late little bit three days late. And we was ready to camp. You say that those days From the balance that they had on delivery, you know? Well, listen to be divvied. We're taking you at your word right now. Because we don't have anything either way. So all I want to know is this what can we do now? Do you think I believe you at your word right now We're going to go back and verify you're saying there was more stuff and more services and more supplies. So now you have her stuff. Where is her stuff? Is it still in two different trucks or two units? Or where is her stuff? All day. Good in state off Texas, which is in the storage units, which is 15 minutes away from the house. Okay, We are tempted to make delivery twice, first attempt and for delivery. It was end off. Oldest. This is the time when our customers for four months didn't respond our coast emails or text messages. They didn't completely ignoring this. How much would it cost for them now to get their stuff right now if they wanted it

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