A highlight from Prince Harrys new life (and jobs) in the US

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the airport. This show that i would call. The rollercoaster of the oil has been a slightly more subdued week. I think we kind of feel like what back into a rhythm assaults mackey. Would you agree. I think as much of a rhythm as you can have right now. There was actually some dare. I say like normal things that happened in the world of the royals this week. But yeah we've just had prince charles and camilla the duchess of cornel return from overseas visit. Which is it's interesting. Because i think there was some excitement before the trip. They went to greece to mark the bicentenary of a greek independence day. There was excitement that it was a royal toll. But then i think the same way kind of played out in the press over here in the same kind of low key manner that we used to seeing with prince charles trips so in many ways it kind of feels like we've gone back to normal. It's true even the fact of the trip happened though felt so normal in the coverage was normal. I mean is this the glimpse of what's to come the future where it's not all pandemic an interview coverage all the time. Exactly i'm i'm i'm here for absolutely and of course we had great. We had great news this week. We had the arrival of baby will get on in the second buckingham palace announced the hiring a diversity chief might be we'll get into a second cambridge's joined other members of the royal family to mark our national day of reflection. Can you believe it's been one year since i feel like i haven't gone anywhere and prince. Harry has a new title in fact two if the so we'll be diving into his new jobs as a working man business cards and all later on in the show plus updates on arch well. What megan has not this week. But back to the baby knees maquis and how. We love baby story of here on the app. Give me a good baby story. We are good to go. I feel like this is like the double whammy baby year as well. Back to back birth. This is so exciting will exactly. We're months away from the of the baby. Sussex too but before we had a great news zara tindall had given birth to a baby boy over the weekend. Just gone and it was a very low key announcements her husband. Mike confirmed the news on his rugby. Podcast it's called the good the bad and the rugby and he sort of slipped into a conversation with quite a few details about describe that quite a few details you surprised that some of the graphic revelations that he sort of surprise us with on this podcast. I'm so used to the very vague information that buckingham palace give us in a press. Release that i. You know what. I won't even characterize i won't even summarize it. I will just play you. A clip from his show will will die digest afterwards. How how healthy how. Bonnie eight pounds four arrived very quickly. Didn't make hospital on the through flow. You'll

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