Discussing the Philadelphia Eagles' overpay for Joe Flacco


We even get started on joe flacco. I don't mean to take a dump. All over. Joe flacco good career. You want super bowl. Mvp and ninety eight seventy seven career records. Who's not some like garbage. You know scrub quarterback was never good and he doesn't deserve to be mocked and good for him for getting the deal that he got personally. I think he is agent. Did a good job. i guess trying to There's reportedly that the forty niners were also involved. And maybe that's why he got what he got with the eagles which i mean. The eagles shouldn't have cared. If there's other teams involved should have just passed the number. I but anyway it's been a long way. It's been a long way since. Joe flacco was even remotely close to being a desirable quarterback last six years and twenty six and thirty seven record a combined. Six point four yards per attempt over that six years fan six point four yards per attempt over six year span is not good last two years. Where the only two years he spent away from baltimore signed a one year deal in denver. You went to and four. They're moved onto the jets. Last season went owen for completion percentage in front of me with his fifty five percent or something like that point to and he had a qb rating. I think of like eighty point. Two eighty eight eighty twenty and then. I didn't have this but in your post on him. You had noted and grain of salt here but of course you had noted that Pro football focus had him as the second worst rated quarterback in the nfl last year.

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