A highlight from Case 170: The Caffey Family


From that there is nothing but thick forest and the sound of birdsong to welcome a weary driver. It's peaceful at the entry to one property. Max of black labrador whites patiently. He's loyal dog. Who takes it upon himself to protect his family at all costs. Max sits next to the remains of what was once a beloved family hon. There is rubble everywhere and some embassies. The still hot on his poor pads says he walks through the ashes. A son one of the few things that wasn't destroyed in the blaze is visible amongst the debris in grave. Don't split saito would join answers. The that resided in the heim rating the cafes in lodge lettuce this audit is engraved joshua chapter twenty four verse fifteen a scripture from the bible with in part raids. If it seem evil in to you to serve the lord tuesday this day whom you will serve but as for me and my house way will serve the lord. Well wishes concerned about max's. Welfare snake under the police tied to bring him food and water. But max season interested. It's monday much. Three two thousand eight two day since the fire. That destroyed the kathy house and to max is still waiting. He's

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