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GG Over EZ


Podcast in today's episode. We just recently celebrated it because well. This is future fruit talking to pass fruit. Which you're about to listen to. We actually got to everything. We listened for this episode Which is incredible which contains but is not limited to destiny to blue has been excited about it. Rob doesn't understand the story. I get some food delivered specifically the triple case a dea. We break that down falcon the winter soldier. It's new what do we think about it. A lot of video games coming up that. I'm excited about but apparently no one's really ever heard of. I made a giant pokemon mon literally every pokemon and blue was definitely not upset about anything. I was upset about some things. Maybe not important to and much more as well as some question dancers at the end so stay tuned for this episode levy guys. Let's get into Ways jomon welcome back to the only twenty million star rated. Podcasts runs twenty now. I tunes yup. Twenty twenty million granted no. It's weird about The g. easy stock only goes up. Never goes down. Yeah we are publicly traded. Kanter's you can buy in We're going to the moon. We're not actually when i actually publicly traded this

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