Congressional visit to Atlanta spa shooting sites decries anti-Asian hate

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Outdoor vigil at mceachern memorial united methodist church in powder springs celebrated. The lives of dana johnson. Patrick he and cynthia lindsay key died on christmas day. Johnson and lindsay died within hours of each other on january twenty first. The ninety minute ceremony was filled with tears. Laughs and calls for those gathered to live with joy and to take the pandemic seriously. Cobb education leaders have been criticized for the districts response during various moments of the pandemic including some. Who didn't wear face masks during a january school board meeting. I want people to know this isn't a joke. And it's affecting people lindsay's daughter lindsay cows said about the pandemic during an interview after the vigil. Meanwhile members of the congressional asian pacific american caucus traveled to metro atlanta on sunday to visit the sambre sites of this month's deadly spas shootings into call attention to hate crime laws and growing anti asian hate in america the visiting lawmakers who were joined by members of georgia's congressional delegation and state representatives followed the deadly path from march sixteenth. That claimed eight lives with six of them. Being women of asian descent. The trip paid respects to the victims of the tragedy. She ouseba tan. Tao fong delina. Leon and paul. Andre michaels were shot and killed at a spa in cherokee county. Young a au soon chung park soon. Chalk him and young grant were shot. Later at to atlanta's pause the first stop for the chartered. Bus tour was young's asian massage in acworth and finally three dozen people were displaced sunday morning. When a fire swept through lawrenceville apartment complex authorities said the blaze ripped through all three floors and the attic of a building at the anzio apartment. Homes on sweetwater road. Gwinnett fire department. Spokesman lieutenant justin wilson said investigators were sent to the complex about six thirty. Am after nine one. One caller reported smoke coming from their neighbor's apartment on building eighteen. When crews arrived at the scene they saw smoke and flames in the center of the building. One of the occupants of the building told investigators he was asleep when the fire started but was startled awake by his smoke alarm after he noticed the fire on the back side of the building. He escaped his apartment through the front door. That's all for today. Check back each weekday morning for more from the atlanta journal constitution or go to ajc dot com. Have a great day spoken layer.

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