I'm a Feminist but... I Love a Good Princess Costume


I'm a feminist. This week. I sent my goddaughter for her birthday. A series of costumes some of which would gender-neutral including a lion a b. and a pirate which i deemed as gender neutral at set for boys and i thought nah. I'm not having raced. But i was most excited if i'm completely honest about the bell dress from beauty and the beast. I couldn't wait and her mother who also a feminist just sent me a picture of herself holding the bell dress up going wishing me ignored the lion costume the very neutral be the only one i go into the because gm because she's generation said and they want to save the world so to be so. I'm pretty sure she doesn't care about bell. She cares about bees now. I should be proud of her. And of course i am. She's only just turned three very proud that she loves b.'s. Mold princesses because princess is going to save the world. Lapine run for ages. I've done nothing towards it was notchers. Princess diana was always kicks land mines or something but but but red overall. Yeah do more. I mean there are queen bees. Maybe she says can kind of be where great like revenge stress you know. Listen i think stripes is always a revenge outfit sting like that. How is it not revenge or mealy yet. The poor base give the ultimate revenge. Don't they believe after. Arson your arm.

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