CNN Senior Health Editor Maggie Fox on Biden's Vaccine Goals



Let's bring in one more voice maggie fox. She's a senior health editor with cnn. Maggie welcome hi nice to be with you. The president biden's news conference opened with the bank on december eighth. I indicated that. I hope to get one hundred million shots people's arms in my first one hundred days. We met that goal last week by day. Fifty eight forty two days ahead of schedule now. Today i'm setting the second goal and that is we will buy one hundred office have administered two hundred million shots and people's arms two hundred million shots and one hundred days maggie. This is double his original goal. What do you make this new target while know. It's not a very hard target to hit to be honest jen he. He was already he. The country was already on track to make that goal. It's already well on track to make the goal of two hundred million doses. He's setting the bar right at. What the country's going to hit. Anyway i mean that said it. It's been a terrific takeoff of the vaccine effort. It wasn't clear we were gonna have enough vaccines. They're rolling out a little bit slowly but boy. This is the fastest rollout of any vaccine. That's ever been done in such a short period of time.

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