A Gang of Goats Just Took Over a Welsh Seaside Town


The pandemic has produced a surprising change in a coastal town in Wales while goats were once mainly found up in the hills in Wales they've moved into the seaside resort town of land dude now the other day I was driving the role in the road and it just it made just around every street corner there are goats I don't know if the dangerous or not but I would like to go over the needs of the goats like to Munch on grass and leaves for this man they're great never got locked by a tree for example and he becomes in any terms it what I trim inside knowledge of the pump pump for staying on site about seven and a local county councilwoman Louise Emery says they usually have a plan to control the gull population loss of volunteers get together to do it and took it to look at the female guides but oversee last summer there was no way we could do that so they have been breeding like goats the goats are expected to leave town once mating season starts I'm a Donahue

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