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Hi it's kate from podcast network. Most of us have at least one thing. We just can't get out of our head no matter how hard we try for. Comedians benito skinner and mary beth perrone one thing is just the beginning. They're letting all of their deepest attachments out on their exclusive. New podcast obsessed every monday benito and mary beth catch up on the scandals trends and people from pop culture that live rent free in their minds getting to the bottom of what makes them so obsessed. It's such a fun concept but don't take my word for it here for yourself in this special episode. If you love it and can't stop thinking about it. Be sure to follow obsessed free and exclusively on spotify seen a lotta times in my life but never from miss notice left your cry ariana grande day so we need to talk about it. Hey everyone it's me benito skinner. I'm mary beth brown. If you're anything like me you probably watch saturday. Night live when you were still too young to get the jokes but the musical performances you definitely understood and there's a few that i just can't seem to shake for my brain. Let's get into it then. Welcome to obsess dolls. Mary beth what the hell did you do this week. And if you leave anything out. I'll scream at the top of my lungs. Obviously i'm going to go through it line by line sparing no detail. So this week. I went down a rabbit hole of researching katy perry's relationship with the lead singer of gym class heroes circle. The drain was about him. Now yes you know okay. It's that which brings me to the next thing i did this week. Which was. I was a little bit buzzed on friday. Okay gang our listeners. Better be twenty one and over. If they're drinking all say that frigging much. You can see my idea if you want born. Nineteen ninety one so drunkenly ordered the vinyl of teenage dream. Yeah which is actually very hard to come by these to sell it at urban outfitters but now it's just resellers on like amazon and other websites so circle the drain is actually. I have one skip on that album in. Its circled strained at. I mean i think. I knew because it's about some bad vibes. So that's one thing that's two things. Actually that i've done this week. And then the other thing is i read jessica simpson's book in one day own my god. Apparently that book has like the in like she's not playing a single game no stone unturned. Just say john mayer defamation. Because i don't know if. I'm here for anything like that curly i didn't think i was. I didn't know what i was getting into. of course. They thought she'll talk about her axes. I didn't know she'd be so raw. And honest okay. The title of it literally open buck. It's so good. I highly recommend it. You know what everyone keeps recommending to me and this was actually half a my week was just straight men recommending matthew mcconaughey book. Like you'll be talking to a straight guy for two minutes and he's like what's so interesting because i've held the book. I haven't read the book. But i've held the boats stressful right. It's so much heavier than any other book i've ever held but it's not any bigger so like to. He like add weight to the book as kind of like a psychological like type of scheme of like. This book has like wait to it. Got sand in it. I'm not kidding. It's no i would. I wouldn't put it past the king. The king himself. But i will say the binding of it is like off centered and it makes me sick higher. They like made literally. I'm like oh who let this happen. It's just often. I know that's like a style choice. But it's makes me take my week but yeah that that was a huge part of my week you okay. So what do you remember the vm. As it was like the first like you know kind of we filmed everything separately. Zoom vibe award. Show yes okay. It was actually good as far as like award shows. Filmed you know like vm. The so heavy amaze kiki palmer literally legends yet and they like did it on cool pretty sound stages. Everybody like looked good. I don't know it was cute so lady gaga performs. And you know. I'm low monster positive seriously that they're always up so gaga performs at the vm. As right and she is wearing masks the whole time like she is just like people in chromatic are going to be wearing masks and honestly a little heavy handed. But like i love it i was like chromatic. Beat the virus. They beat the virus first before australia before new zealand. Chromato- is like zero cases. Sorry big shut down everything for a month zero cases now so she's wearing a mask for her performance and at one point during her performance. She's up at the camera and she's like yelling and she kind of looks like the mask. Looks like what bain had on. Dark knight rises straight culture. I was born in the dark vibes. Stop stop. I've seen that movie a few times anne hathaway in that movie she she would walk to her trailer with little smirk on after she filmed her scenes. Oh she couldn't stop smiling. Christopher nolan inside an community one where you're not smiling an can you take this seriously and she just kept going. Can we just do one take where you have a straight base should go what she said. I love diamonds anyway. So she's up at the screen. Her little bane like doc. Like doubt vibe is right in our faces and arianna kind of looks like cat woman like she has a cat woman vibe and i was like honestly. This looks like bain and cat-woman scamming batman. So i put it in my story and i'm like i'm gonna tag area on whatever arianna arianna maybe on because you called her area area later when we come up with conspiracy theories about once you've got to read. This is a four part episode. So tag her. Because i'm like okay. What do i have to frigging lose. i just check a day later. I'm like i wonder you know. I thought it was funny. I thought it was cute. I was promoing. I mean my god free promo. She saw it felt nothing nothing. She didn't even need hardened she couldn't even give you the decency of using her thumb her little game tap tap tap in as the teens and tweens sound tiktok by she couldn't even do that. Couldn't even do that. And i loved it. I loved the fact that she saw that and

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