How To Increase Your Self Worth And Net Worth By Simply Being Yourself


Well welcomed extraordinary women radio jessica. Answer thrilled to have you with us today. Thank you for having d cam so come to be here and tell us where you joining us from today. I am here in chicago illinois where it is a balmy sixty degrees for the first time mike six months. So we're all very happy your light right now because basically summer right right as we've had a couple sixty and seventy degree days here in colorado and we just we just eat them up and then we get a big dumped snow in between them. And that's that's okay because we need the we need the moisture. But i assure i'm ready for the spring and the sprouts Start coming up and all that good stuff too. I think you and i are very very much aligned in the work that we're doing and the things that were most passionate about and i'm so glad to speak to you and i know you just had your book. Combat this last month multiple. Tell people about your book. Be which i love the name of your book being what what won't get into that as we get through this. But i really want to start with your story and i my my listeners. Love to hear the story you know. What got you to this place that you're you're at in your business and your life and i know you've that spiritual ben to that's taken you that's brought you here so share a little bit about that. I mean why story. It's really interesting this perception right that we all have an projection that we all have about people we see in the world and yesterday i run a successful business iva deal i have a platform. I have a great marriage. I you know. I have the the things that you could actually equate to a happy in fulfilling life but hasn't always look this way. I've been through a lot of trauma and struggle specifically as a woman when it comes to software shuttles team self loves. I have definitely never considered myself with for a long. Did number never considered myself like financially successful right. I struggled with a lot of debts. Toxic relationships with men body dismore via you know been through through a lot and my my journey. I guess i guess you could take it back to high school where i was never cool. I grew up in a very fluent suburb. My parents were self made people. I was never part of the in crowd was bullied a lot carrying a lot of that trauma into my twenties. And you know a lot of poor decisions when it came to romantic relationships struggled founder professional for quite some time once for theater graduated became an actor slash. Bartender ended that for a long time before i stumbled into entrepreneurship

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