Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine gets the nod from CDC

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A d. c. advisory panel today unanimously endorsed johnson and johnson's single-dose covid nineteen vaccine a day after the fda approved it for emergency. Use the reviewers calling. It's safe and effective. It's now the third authorized covid vaccine in the us and npr's amy held reports doses are now being shipped out three point. Nine million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine are ready to be distributed by the end of june. It's one hundred million combined with the other two authorized vaccines more than enough to cover the entire adult population. This summer. johnson and johnson's overall efficacy rate of sixty. Six percent is lower than pfizer. And maderna's still people should take the vaccine and they are able to act dr janet woodcock acting. Fda commissioner says comparing the vaccine is difficult not not eating head to head trial in its own clinical trial one month after vaccination johnson and johnson shot was found to provide complete protection against hospitalization and

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