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High Saturday and Sunday. In fact, the National Weather Service in Phoenix tweeted out earlier today a reminder to those going outdoors to stay hydrated That tells you things were starting to warm up a little bit right now in Glendale. Partly cloudy skies 66 degrees weather is brought to you by Howard Air. Reminder for the latest on coronavirus in Arizona. You can always go to Katie Jr dot com slash coronavirus. And for the growing importance of knowing on vaccination information, you can always download the K t A R news app. We update vaccination information constantly through the app. Every day you get three Katie our news expansions at eight noon and five. It's 15 minutes of commercial free, nonstop news, traffic and weather brought to you by sweet James. The people's accident attorney. I'm Jeff Munn in two minutes. Financial and family advice from Dave Ramsey on Katie a. Our news progressive presents The sounds of the old World Year is 2019, and someone is getting up to use the bathroom at the stadium. Scuse me. Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me. Mind if I just squeeze by here? This has been the sounds of the old world brought to you by progressive where drivers can still

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