European Scientists Create First Light-Up Tattoos For You and Your Avocado


A team of scientists in europe have created what they say is the first light emitting tattoo using oh led based technology which is like the kind used in newer televisions and smartphones especially the folding kind. And well of course. This sounds totally awesome. If a bit frightening the team mostly propose practical uses like alerting an athlete when they're dehydrated or indicating when someone should get out of the sun to avoid getting a sunburn and tattoos for medical use are not unprecedented. I know a couple of people who have replaced their medical bracelets for conditions like diabetes with permanent tattoos on their wrists and radiation therapy often tattoos. Small black on cancer patients skin to use as reference marks for the machines and a handful of in the us tattooed kids with their blood types. During the cold war thinking it could facilitate blood transfusions in the case of a nuclear attack. And that's a real thing that happened. I'll put a link in the show notes if you want to read more about it and sort of grim as that sounds to our modern ears. There are still proposals around to people including children with their medical information. A team from rice university. A couple years ago developed fluorescent quantum dot tattoos that would only be visible through a custom smartphone app. At which time they would show a person's vaccination history something particularly crucial in hard hit rural areas. Where people sometimes don't have paper or digital vaccination records then no one's actually a pretty good idea even if it sounds a little big brother that the offset and unfortunately because of that. It's gotten pulled into a lot of covid nineteen vaccine conspiracy theories even though it's a tattoo not in any way an implant a microchip and not in any way related to the covid nineteen vaccines. It's being cited by conspiracy theorists as evidence that the covid nineteen vaccines are implanting tracking microchips into people. It doesn't help that. The original study was proposed by the bill and melinda gates foundation a lot of conspiracy theorists love to say that bill gates engineered the corona virus. Or something. I only bring all of that up in case you hear about it in relation to this vaccine history. Quantum dot tattoo study. So now you can. Debunk anyone spouting that false claim but anyways back to the light up. Oled tattoos in addition to some practical wellness related uses. The team also expects that they could be used for fashion purposes. Like having a light up tattoo or even fingernails and they could even go beyond humans to be used on produce. The tattoos could go on packaging or on the fruit or vegetable itself to identify when it's gone bad now. If you're imagining how impractical it would be to take a tattoo gun to a tomato. I should clarify that. These tattoos are applied more like a temporary tattoo is quoting university. College london the oled's are fabricated onto temporary tattoo paper and transferred to a new surface by being pressed onto it and dab with water and quotes now as gizmodo notes. Quote the idea of personally augmenting. One skin with glowing. Art isn't new either. But previously this has involved bio hackers implanting technologies like led's beneath the skin and the results don't have much practical use besides attention grabbing or inviting questions about why someone would do that to themselves. This new approach to light emitting. Tattoos is easier to apply more practical and temporary without requiring surgery to have it removed and quotes. So how does this one work well. The flexibility of the oled display is key so that it can move and bend along with the human or fruit skin beyond that quoting again from gizmodo. The electronics of the light emitting tattoos made from an extremely thin layer of electro luminescent polymer that glows when a charges applied measure in at just two point three micrometres thick which according to the researchers is about one third the diameter. A red blood cell. The polymer layer is then sandwiched between a pair of electrodes and sits atop insulating layer which is bonded to temporary tattoo paper printing process. That isn't prohibitively expensive. The tattoos can be easily washed off when no longer needed or wanted using soap and water with a current applied the led tattoos in their current form simply glue green but eventually could produce any color using the same rgb approach that oled screens. Us and quote won't professor franken says saline lead author on the study notes that they've demonstrated a proof of concept that d- tattoos can be made cheaply and at scale. There's still a number of kinks to work out. Like normal temporary tattoos these ones degrade pretty quickly especially when more on a moving human and they still need figure out how to integrate them with a battery or super capacitor in the lab. They're currently hooked up to an external power source so oily tattoos might not become into the public too quickly but the technology is there and it will probably happen before

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