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Hey, y'all Paris Rucker here, you know, A lot of people Ask me what inspires your music, and one of the big things is a strong sense of place. That's why I love my home state of South Carolina and want to share the awesome things and has to offer from the beautiful mountains down to the sunny coast. It's got it all. Not to mention to my personal favorites, Great Gulf and amazing food. Come see why I love this place visit. Discover South Carolina dot com ABC News. I'm well. Reeve, FBI director Christopher Wray on Capitol Hill briefing lawmakers for the first time since the attack on the U. S. Capitol, the Senate Judiciary Committee asking for answers about the intelligence coming in before January, 6th. Ray was asked about the Virginia alert that warned of violence. The information was raw. It was on verified in a perfect world, we would have taken longer to be able to figure out whether it was reliable. We made the judgment are folks made the judgment. To get that information to the relevant people as quickly as possible. Ray testified again that domestic terrorism or extremist groups make up the bulk of cases. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has not responded directly to the third accusation of sexual harassment. New York's attorney general, is now in charge of an independent investigation into the allegations. Vernon Jordan, former adviser to former President Bill Clinton and civil rights activist has died. He was the first lawyer to head up the National Urban League. Jordan was 85 This is ABC News Volvo Making a bold statement about producing electric cars by 2030. Volvo says it will make on Lee Electric vehicles

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