324: Weaponised Rooster

Bad Voltage


Goodness may fall something it out to look it up. Then i'm sure which i'm here with john. Can- alabama special guest. Hello very nice savvy. Hey we purvey much. More than jeremy com calling is jeremy has unfortunately Called wag we. We reached out to putin. How's it going to help us. Thank you for who actually with about. An hour's notice was able to step into the popey. Push busy calendar at the moment about vice flights to catch a nice is a nice break away from drinking stellar in aden curry while crying into episodes of buffy the vampire slayer then shut up about buffy. You also at boy poorly despite the fact that we only yanked popey into this about an hour and a half ago. He's still better prepared than jars. So true. not even gonna. I'm not gonna do it so On today's show. We are going to talk about later on. We're going to talk about An exciting new development. This occurred that you might not have read about in the news yet because it hasn't really been officially launched. The embargo is still open. Where the three of us have actually being nominated as leaders for all of the social media companies in the whole world which is very apart from my space because no one cares and we are going to come up with the rules for how social media can be done well And not have it be this toxic horrible shit show. That often is so we're gonna fix the world later on in today. Show we all but first of all we have som- news so surprise it's been awhile has been a turbulent. Well so jono kickoff well. Why don't we start out with a a nice interesting classy first example here of great news and this is that a rooster killed a man during a band. Cockfight is there any ambiguity about what the term cockfight museums in this story. The only means fighting with a cock. We really what we're like two and a half minutes in and we're talking about. I'm talking about an illegal animal related boxing match and the animal in question killed the illegal perpetrator of the animal related boxing. This is quite cool. I think first of all cockfights not cool. For god's sake well no the cool and frankly the group's dick the guy isn't granny it is. It's quite amusing. I did think i the maybe this was versus. Not but now. I i. I was about to say innocent. Bystander decided the shouldn't did. The roosters have weapons was he. Collateral blade tied to the so. This is on abc news. This isn't on some stupid random blog or something like that and the strap line in the article says a man is being killed by a rooster with a blade tied to his leg. June illegal cockfighting. Portugal a weaponized rooster weaponized roosters in the name of the show jay. But he's actually watching terribly. I still giggling while thinking about this terrible. He's really bad someone died. Yeah three inch. Is that the wings of sir. I'm yeah. I didn't think this whole thing went on any moth victorian bad by singing but the the the notion of a cockfight is in itself. Horrible popey hold it together. The notion of a rooster fight is bad enough. But i didn't realize that there were tying blades to these animals. That was new to me so anyway. Yes that's an interesting one for disturbing. Have you come across the audio of of spices. I heard about this this week. Yeah now is it. I hadn't heard of before one hundred percent show what they are insane to be twitter's version of thing that's mumble before which people with our clubhouse house thank you sam twitches version of in the okay because i thought what's this twitter spice and you go and read about it and first of all. This is the point where felt generation gap bite sweater. it says Spacey's of public. If you create a space you'll follow us. We'll see in their fleets. Remember people to flee oviedo -ception levels of twitter stuff that they've made up the other side. Don't get because i don't have oils. Which have i refuse to learn what fleets are the day that fleets came out and everyone says it's like something else in one other. I thought no. I don't like the sound of so. I figured my traffic line to block the word fleet and fleets fortunate because the town over from where he's fleet early fall steady. They never find out there was there was some like video type thing that didn't twitter is that fleets i know about you know there was something that was baked in because i remember seeing elite in the twitter rapp tapped and it was like short like is this race. I always remember now. This was like two weeks ago weeks ability to add videos. If you're a content creator shall we say an spices. i'm you can only view a spice or listen to by seems to be an audio thing. As far as i can tell what happened. It's just a live audio chides funds except except now it's you know social media so it must be cold but you've gotta have oils to listen to it you've got to be part of the magic anointed group to create one another group shipping that everyone who does lives within about fifty miles of twitter offices. So there's fees being created this like you said there's clubhouse for the exact There's also i stumbled on an application. Which does work on android stereo and as soon as you launch your dumped into a room with some brando's in it who chatting to each other and they've laboratories that the anime

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