Complaints filed against Seattle Public Schools by teachers' union


Very different models of learning right now. Seattle public schools telling it's a special education teachers to head back to their classrooms. Next week, the union fighting back filing unfair labor practice complaints. The North Shore School district was one of the first in the state to proactively move toe online learning when the pandemic struck, and now one year later. Students in North Shore are still learning remotely couples. Cara Causton H reports on what some parents sir colleague for North Shore announce on Friday that they will be bringing back K through third grade one day a week starting at the end of the month. But for many families, they want more time in the classroom for their kids. We check back in with the North Shore family that we profiled almost a year ago. The council family, like many others say they are struggling Mom, Jenny says the isolation is taking a toll on her girl, seven and 11 years old. The council's look at other district's returning to class and are calling on North shore to do the same thing. We need to do it. We need to get them back. We need to get our lives back to normal. We need tol alleviate some of that stress and anxiety that they're having, because it's happening, and it appears North Shore will be bringing more kids back in April, But the specifics are not clear. Cara cost image Come, Onis. Here's what's coming up after we check

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