A highlight from Episode 8 - 'Here' w/ Aggie Muster


Lead with student activities. Podcast my name. Of course is bruce brown. And i'm your host for this really cool thing that's part of the texas. A&m podcast network. And if you're listening to this it's because you want to hear from amazing leaders from across texas a and m. campus on how they are making extremely cool. Things happen here at the university and so with that that word. I just said they're here. Couldn't mean more than this interview. Whereabout about to have. And so. I want to get to that here in a second. But the reason it's so important is because today we are joined by lauren who this past year led the texas aggie muster a very solemn tradition. That she's gonna tell us all about the first of all. Let's learn a little bit about lawrence a lauren. Welcome can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself yes. Hello thank you so much for having me here today My name is lauren. And i did just complete my time as the mustard chair for our campus ceremony. Incredible honor and curb honor to be here and to be able to do things like this and talk about my experience but I'm from san antonio so go spurs I've been an for quite a while. This will be my sixth year here as about to finish with my master's degree. I graduate in two weeks with my master's in health administration. 'grats thank you very much. I'm i'm excited to be done. I think going back to school. Straight from undergrad was hard. And i'm a little bit drained from school but no regrets there so Yeah about into the real world which is exciting and little scary. Well you've got this and honestly muster is a scale of things that honestly is much bigger than a lot of things in life and a lot of organizations. We'll get into that here in a second but lawrence you're graduating with your masters and that's not always in the narrative of what it means to be a student leader especially eating something so big so. I'm kind of curious. What inspired you to be involved as a graduate student. And what would that mean to you. So i got involved with muster my sophomore year after i went to the ceremony my freshman year. I wasn't an aggie my family was nagy's beforehand so muster was new to me and i was a host twice. I applied for committee. Which is this the normal trajectory through the organization in my senior year. I was able to have a really incredible rule. I was impacting our honored families and so for and he doesn't know muster honors agassi passed way within the last year. And it also celebrates our fiftieth reunion so It combined celebration ingredients such a beautiful way that have never seen anywhere else and so Being part of that my senior year olds like i. I need to do it again. there's nothing else. There's another place while people to do something like that. And so my first year of grad voice might as well just you know give it one more try and so the entire year. I went through the whole. My experience like this is my last. Like i need to be focused on my job outside muster and focus on being grad student and then kuban happened and i kind of realized. Just how much this organization means to me and just so much. This tradition has talked in my life. And i realized as never get the opportunity to be involved with muster ever again to this caliber and on campus. Like this and so. I decided to do chair again and it was the best decision i could have made. Truly my favorite year of my time which says a lot so It's just special. And i i know we all say that. So i wish. I had a better word but it really is just special and You'll never be would be a person like that again so well. That's so wonderful. Learn to here. And i'm glad it was so bucket feeling for you and just to kind of pull back the curtain. I think a lot of students get caught up in this thing of graduating its quote unquote the real world. I have to leave these organization. Things behind note. I can be involved doesn't alumni period especially for something like muster but more importantly. I think it's important that we recognize that school is just going to get replaced by work or things like that or more like masters and with that. It's important that we have our own identities and things filler bucket outside of that. So just want to encourage grad students and then also as you graduate. Find things in your community wherever you are to be involved because it sounds like for you lauren. It was really really impactful and important. I go that completely. I don't think i would be taking this trajectory with my life. If it weren't for muster. I don't think i would be In a leadership or confident in my leadership skills. Like i am because if it wasn't for muster. I don't think i would have my priorities in line. It weren't from us store. I really just don't know where i would be if it wasn't for this experience and so also there's a bit of a disconnect between graduate students and our traditions and what makes him special like student involvement and so encouraging graduate students

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