New York Stock Exchange Reopens as Covid Restrictions Ease


When a company's stock starts trading on the new york stock exchange there's a tradition executives crowd onto a small balcony. And there it. Is they ring. The opening bell that has played out differently during this pandemic year when the new york city lockdown started the exchange operated without its trading floor for the first time in its two hundred and twenty eight year history two months later but with limited capacity. Today that changes. Here's npr's david gura. When the opening bell rang on. Friday the trading floor was still pretty empty and quiet. A far cry from how boisterous it used to be and there was only one person standing on that balcony. You'll see a bigger crowd on the podiums going forward. Stacey cunningham runs the new york stock exchange now that the vaccine rollout has been progressing. Were not as concerned about having both masks social distancing as double protection as of today more traders will be allowed back in the building if one hundred percent of affirms traders are fully vaccinated. More of them can be on site another big thing tv. Networks will broadcast live from the trading floor again. They haven't done that since march of twenty twenty so we were making a decision about the health and safety of the people on the trading floor as well as the livelihoods of the people on the trading floor.

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