Michael Lewis on 'the Premonition'

The Book Review


Lewis joins us now from berkeley california. A repeat guest. He is here to talk about his new book. The premonition a pandemic story michael. Welcome back to the podcast pleasure to be here so we spoke not so long ago about your last book. The fifth risk which was all about risk surely global pandemic was one of those risks. What did you learn from reporting napa. That maybe informed. This book didn't just inform this book and led to this book. The premise of the fifth risk was that. Stop thinking about the federal government. However you think about it if you think about it and think about it. As a manager of a portfolio of risks many of them existential that has been left to degrade and under the trump administration was actually kinda bashed around the head. A bunch and one of those risks is the risk of pandemic disease. The fifth risk was asking the question. What happens if people neglect these risks and actually spent more of more of the time just pointing out the risks. That i won didn't really know existed that you could go into any department any agency in the government. The commerce department the agriculture department departments that you think maybe they don't do very much and find just terrifying things. They're managing so. When i was thinking about what bad might happen. That the government might mismanage pandemics. Were on that list. But i thought it was. I gotta tell you. I thought it was such an obvious risk that that's not one that i want to write about in the fifth apper. Surely they're managing

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