You Only Need to Interview One Person to Fill a Role with Jodi Brandstetter

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How many resumes do you need to see to fill a role. I think this is step further. Do you need to interview free to fill that role. If you get one you are correct. What's wrong with gloria wanting to wait to interview more people before making a decision on the person that was just interviewed the answers everything waiting to interview other people's ridiculously clear beacon that you have a week interview process and not being able to gather enough data and make a decision within twenty four hours. Not only a waste of your time. But the other person's as well comparison shopping is how bad hiring decisions are made. I'm rick driving. Welcome to the higher power radio. Show we help entrepreneurs and business leaders win the right. Hire share insights from top performing rebel entrepreneurs disruptors and industry leaders like our guest today. Jodi brand staedtler she is the chief talent strategist of lean. Effective talent strategist llc. Jody is passionate about talaq position and uses design thinking in creation selection and hiring processes focused on people and business. She is certified through ideally. Oh you in design thinking. Jodi is the ceo and founder of lean effective talent strategies which includes the hiring blueprint talent acquisition consulting firm and talent acquisition evolution it community for recruiting professionals to connect learn and work together. Which is what makes jodi perfect expert for today's topic. Jody welcome to the higher power radio show today. Hi how are you. I'm doing fantastic. How are you living the dream. You stole my life. I loved now one today. We're going to talk about the dangers of comparison shopping when it comes to hiring and then we're going to give you guys a plan of tack to enable quick decision making for each individual that's interviewed not like. Let's just wait and see what else we get type thing. Because i don't know about you. I hate that. I think everybody hates it. Let's start with the issue here. The challenge is that some hiring managers in some entrepreneurs feel like hey look i need to interview a bunch of people before i make a decision. What's wrong with that. There are so many reasons that's wrong one. It just shows lack of confidence in the hiring manager capabilities of hiring a few have that perfect candidate has everything that you want for that role. You should be able to pull the trigger immediately and get that person on your team. Just common sense in my opinion by the way there is no perfect candidate and they're looking for candidates ideal candidate or strong yes. I've seen hiring managers who have literally the person they want and they still can't pull the trigger so it literally pretty much. Is that what you would call product candidate and they still can't pull the trigger until they talked to. I don't know maybe three five more people just in case someone else might be better. Wijesinghe is going to happen. Is you're gonna end up hiring your fourth pick because everybody else is gonna pass on you. Exactly you gotta treat it like a dating scenario. You might go out on a date and that's the interview. You decide after that one two maybe three day. It's like okay. I really liked this person. I want to hang out with you. Pull the trigger. Yeah think about that. You find someone you really like. You want to spend more time with you're to be like I'm going to wait and talk to three other people to see if they might be a better partner. Now you go with that person that you feel comfortable with and you need to continue. That relationship continued the dating now. We're not asking you to marry them. But you're asking to commit to moving forward tub being hired marriage in interviewing and hiring. I think are a little different. But they're still commitment there. And i think they can commit after the process that you just made that person go through because you know it's not just one interview that that person just went through to get to the hiring manager for them to make that decision

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