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K through fifth are set to resume by the end of this month, and older students are said to return by Ned. Probe and movie theaters and bowling alleys have also opened up again in New York City. 379,000 jobs were added in February, more than economists predicted. The unemployment rate is 6.2% Sarah evil. Weiss has more US added jobs last month 10 million people are currently unemployed, and another four million people have been prevented from finding work because of the pandemic. While the unemployment rate has inched down. Overall, it remains higher among people of color. Thea unemployment rate was 8.5% among Hispanics last month, and it was actually up among black workers to 9.9%. The Biden administration defends its policy of allowing uncomfortable with minors to enter the US at the border. CBS is Stephen Portnoy White House says it was immoral for the Trump administration to turn Children away at the border. They're fleeing difficult circumstances in their home country. Press secretary Jen Psaki allows that a change in policy to permit unaccompanied Children to enter the U. S. Has led to an influx. Obviously, we're going to have more kids across the in the country's in a statement, former President Trump calls the situation spiraling tsunami sake says this We don't take our advice or counsel from former President Trump on immigration policy. Stephen Portnoy, CBS News This is CBS News, Switch to T Mobile for

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