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And stuff, too. But Gina See something else that I just love. We've got a great staff here, my friend. Do you have a great staff and I wanted to say something too. Miracle, my guy. I'm gonna call him Miracle. Micah's with Ruth, The radio lady that got me the sea Crane Radio and Mike the millennial helping me out. And you and Tommy helping me out and all the Coast Coast listeners and stuff. When I failure last year, and it just That's something what you just said about the audience and listeners and callers. George That was really something. You just don't know how much you keep us going to, and it's just good to hear. Like that. This show you did the night with that D d. I'm gonna watch that on loose on Louisiana Public broadcaster. Yeah. You have fun. That sounds like a great show 8 to 10. Yeah. You know what? There's a Lady. I want you to play and I've been telling you After septum, which we're going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of September. 11 Amazing. It's been 20 years. Yeah, jeez, Whitney Houston, saying The Star Spangled Banner. Yep. And that Rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. I've never heard AH, greater rendition, especially for September 11, and I believe the Patriots won that year, too. And Tom Brady. That's unbelievable. Tom Brady's He's a robot. He keeps winning, but our poor Drew

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