A highlight from 188: Best of Conscious Millionaire Mindset: How to Become Legendary!


Welcome to the conscious. Millionaire mindset show episode number one eighty eight. Welcome to conscious millionaire. The number one might show on the planet. Precautious entrepreneurs and ceos is time to turn up your financial thermostat. You can experience financial freedom join. Jv today as he coaches youth to think act and achieve like a conscious millionaire. You're listening to the consciously inner network her by over twelve million listeners and one hundred ninety countries now join your host. Gb from the third the conscious billionaire mentor master. In opie coach speaker and author of the number one international bestseller conscious millionaire. Grow your business by making the difference. Low this is your coach. Jv chrome the third. And welcome to all you high-performance who've join me today you know why because it is time for you to step into your greatness and become truly legendary now. This is a very special show. Because i'm going to be discussing how you could become legendary and i knew whether you're an entrepreneur business owner business coach that you're listening to this show because the truth is you want to step into your greatness and we want to be here to help you do that. I wanna coach you to step into your greatness to not only step in it but live your greatness and leave it for the world by becoming legendary building a business that is truly legendary in your own time so that you impact more people. You build a bigger business. You are more profitable but you know what's going to matter in the end is that you have contributed to the greater good that you've made a difference that truly matters and that that's what creates you as a legend so that one hundred years from now just like einstein people will be talking about you because of all the good that you did with your life and all of the impact that you created so there are three keys the first one is to be clear about your big and what i loved to say expensive vision. It's a vision that never quits expanding. It is ever expanding so you start with vision. You have right now today and then you open your mind. You ask what would be the next step. How would it be ten times bigger hundred times bigger. Yes literally a thousand times larger vision than what you have right now and you get crystal clear about that you dig down through the layers and you understand why you are on this planet because every one of us has a unique path to take added that expansive vision that will take you on that path to the highest levels that you can manifest and created difference on this planet the second one. The second key is to be limitless. In what you achieve and create that means is a high performer. You're always looking for that next mountain peak but when you get you don't settle. You say this is my newfound gatien or place. This is my new floor. And now because i am limitless. I am going to take the journey to a higher mountain peak. And as i've said before in the next decade we're going to change moore's human beings and we have changed in all the history of being humans on this planet and that also means that technology is going to change more because we just think back ten years. There was the iphone coming into existence. Imagine that right now. There are technologies that are beginning to develop. But they're not even in. Somebody's mind yet. They're coming their mind. They're inspiring them and right. Now open your mind and allow in the limitless inspiration. That will be coming to you in the next twenty four hours. You are truly limitless through all the ways that you can use technology all the relationships you can build all the ways that you can leverage and the third key become unstoppable and that really is a mental belief inside of you that you are unstoppable. Because i guarantee you the more you step into your greatness. The more you're going to have some barriers come up because you're playing bigger and some of those barriers might find themselves in your life and you're going but wait a minute chafee. This is a huge period. I've never had a barrier this before. Well that's because you've never been preparing to play bigger than you're preparing to play right now. Nothing can stop you. And please feel free to borrow this phrase and i've been using this for four or five years in conscious millionaire here. It is wild horses. Couldn't stop me. Wild horses can't stop you either. Nothing can accept your mind saying you'll stop and right now. Let go of that because you are on the planet to become legendary coach you all the way there. That's what i do a mahiper former coach. I want you to become a legendary. i'd love to hear from you. Go to conscious millionaire. Mindset dot com and either. Send me an email or voicemail. They'll come to my private box. No one else will see them. And i will respond directly to you. Because i believe you are on this planet to become legendary and that you're going to become legendary by building a legendary business this. Jv chrome the third your high performer. Coach i want to thank you for joining me today. And i look forward to joining you on the next conscious millionaire. This is jv and if you're a business owner a coach who's currently making twenty thousand dollars or more per month than this announcement is for you. But first congratulations but isn't now the time to make an additional two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more in the next twelve months while to do that. You must make specific changes in how you think about your business see possibilities and the level at which you play. Let's discuss your goals and how you can reach them much faster schedule. A complimentary time to talk with me. Go to conscious millionaire dot com ford slash talk with. Jv that's right claim your time right now at conscious millionaire dot com ford slash. Talk with javy. Thanks for listening to conscious billionaire media. Podcast radio network the host producer and owner of the show distributors and broadcast media. 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