Russian Boy Band Singer Freed After Being Trapped on Chinese Reality Show

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A russian man trapped inside a chinese reality. Tv show is finally voted out the reality. Tv ordeal of a russian who joined a chinese boy band show by accident and even made it to the finals. Despite urging fans to please vote him off his finally ended after nearly three months. Sounds like a terrible existence being stuck in a chinese boy van. Show how do you. How does this happen by accident by the way. How do you get drafted into a chinese boy. Band reality tv show by accident led luff ivan off twenty seven years old from vladivostok. Vladislav was kicked off by the way. Russia can you. Can we have fewer vs in the words please. I mean in his name. This season the first name vs in the second name is a two vs in the city. You guys just like have monopolize the use of the of the letter v and. It's not easy to work with. Just please make some changes right.

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