A highlight from Consequence Culture: Eminem, Dr. Seuss, Disney and Canceling Cancel Culture

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Back to the input podcast. I'm adam just and for returning like moments later today by him. It's the return of the mack. It is us. Yeah so on. Our last podcast. We talked about a lot of random stuff as we said. We're not recording for like a month and a half so We're recording all we can. We're getting all in tonight's all you can record buffet and so we wanted to come back to is. There's some other stuff going on that is going on in the world today which is probably not even the biggest thing going on when this episode actually airs not well. That's probably true. Well this will wind up this week so it'll be relevant so so yeah that's true. We think we we so hope that nothing overshadow episode. That bad you never know. It's every episodes outdated the moment you hit in you. Click off the record session. It feels like that's true really should be doing these live honestly. oh boy. how bad would that be anyway. so now. so let's talk more about yes. We talked about eminem in his terrible lyrics about windowpane. If you don't know what we're talking about he literally has. Let's find the line real quick before we get into other eminem lyrics. Okay window pane lyric. So why are you doing that. I will be the defender in this. And i will I'll be the prosecutor. I will defend eminem's Crib license to do what he does. And and here's the lyric okay. Where should that start see. This is from the song. Love the way you lie which he's playing and abusive boyfriend has been abusive partner. And then rana's playing the The abused abruzzi. Yes and People got people got mad at for the song his because she had real life. She was abused. Why would you write the song about this since like this is literally hurlock therapy right. Well this is a reflection of the thing. The reason why these kinds of songs are so popular. Before weaving in lyrics. The reason why this these about like spousal abuse and domestic violence also the stuff is popular is because it is so accurate to how real life is like so the reason this One of his biggest hits is because a large portion of society that listens to this music. That society in general has personal experience Not in different from what is being described in the lyrics of these songs so with that continue. Yes so so yes the end in farina as we said her. I believe it was chris. Brown was s and he was very abusive. And then eminem had a history of being a piece as well. that was pretty much in In the in the world that he was not exactly the nicest of guys in with his own personal relationships now. We're not here talking about his personal relationships because a lot of that probably had to do with his drug issues to which he got clean is he cleaned now. And is it true that elton john is his sponsor. I think there is some truth to that. Yeah or one. Possibly one of his sponsors you can have multiple sponsors when you're when you're someone like eminem. Who's traveling a lot. It's not like you're gonna have like eas- easy to get to a sponsor so you probably wouldn't be shocked if you have multiple people you talk to when you're on the road it's got to be tough now musical. I know that so rice to five nine had a issue an issue with alcohol abuse until around the same time as when i got clean. So i'm sure there's probably some level of sponsorship there as well but so we're not get into that so let's first talk about this terrible lyrics before we get into other lyrics Let's see let me see. I'm trying to see where they'll rhymes. Okay life is known nintendo game. But you lied again now. You've got to watch her. Leave out the window guests. That's why they call it window pane he a in e- right. Nobody knows what that means. Or why that's not even a good pine pollen

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