Why Digital Identities Are All About a Secure Customer Experience

IT Visionaries


Welcome everyone to another episode of it visionaries and today. We have the ceo of four. Doc fran rush on the show. Fran welcome to the show albert. Thanks so much happy to be here all right right out the gate. What exactly is ford truck. It's got a very strong sounding name. Tell us what for drug does so before. Drug is a digital identity platform though for enterprise and large enterprise. So what the heck is that. Yeah yeah we enable our customers to really create really friction lists and easy identity experiences so that as an employeers a consumer. It's really easy to register. Set up a new account be recognized when he come back and get access to what you wanna do and then move on ossets really that whole process of setting up in your identity to get access to services online so this is a this is a space. That is very hot right now. We know that there are competitors that we've had them on the show so i don't or maybe they're not competitors so for for our audience. I'd love to hear a little bit of what's the difference. What's unique about four rock to give you an example we've had we've had guests from octa from off zero different companies here but i know that typically in software a lot of times people say the same things but they don't actually do the same things curious. What's unique about for drug. You'll let me just before jim. Braude into four doc. I want to take a step back. He said the market's really hot. And i want to kind of explain why yeah. The market is really hot. Right now. And i think some of this ties to the digital transformation that companies have been going through over the past fifteen twenty years where instead of doing business in person or over the phone you know. We're doing everything digitally as employees. Everything we do now online especially in this post covid world where every workers are remote workers

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