Why is the MLB All-Star game moving out of Georgia?

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This past week. Major league baseball announced that this year's all-star game and player draft would be moved out of atlanta. This was in response to a new georgia law around voting rules. The new voting law signed by republican governor. Brian kemp makes it a crime to give voters food or water while they wait in lines limits the use of ballot boxes as new idea requirements for absentee ballots and puts the state's republican led legislature in charge of the county election. Boards voting rights advocates. Say that this new law will greatly impact communities of color and disenfranchised many voters which means depriving them of their right to vote by making it extremely hard for qualified voters to fairly cast a vote in future elections. So why is the mlb's action important by moving a very popular event that brings tourist in to georgia. The league can use their business power to protest the new law. Way to go. Commissioner rob manfred said in a statement major league baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box. Debbie isn't the only business taking action against the law to of georgia's largest companies coca-cola and delta airlines have also spoken out about the new law. Good job

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