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Podcast bringing you. The latest headline keeping you politically informed mixed in with the little pop culture. You never know what you're going to hear subscribe and listened to laugh and learn on the iheartradio app or apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen podcast. Guess what decision. We're about to make a decision. Hey all welcome to horrible decisions. Yes some of you guys are new. So we are going to introduce you to us godmother fucking dammit. Hey guys i'm sitting next to my co host the host. I don't i everybody for another episode of manny and lisi alatha young. If you're new here there's a lot of new people. That's what i feel like. We have to say hi. Well now you know our whole story after the breakfast club. If that's why you're here if you came from sofia with an f and you still stayed you're still you must be a good white person. Only there either us about us being racist were fun way with an s. You and baby. They totally were calling all right. So what about your other half were upset. Did you see the comments. Well let me tell you guys something. I hate men. And i date them in. Fuck them so. I can still way you do. See i ain't gonna hold is so hard for me baby. I know who i am. If y'all wanna hear who. I was go a year ago into the pod and be beyond. 'cause i'm not gonna lie i i just can't hate men anymore because i love my chest. Eddin or head producers. Were oh wait. I'm not wishing bad just. Did you hear mary him. One day you still be in love with him but he'll do some. You'll be like this negative. Why are you wanting her while you. I don't believe that when let's get out the universe baby. I don't believe that there is like i. Just don't can i ask you a question. Then do you believe that women are shit so just people shit. Yeah the men are worse. I agree and that's what we think of white fucks them. I can tell you. I've fucked fuck bitches of the worst. Even the white ones the white news is still bad. I'm so i hate these. You're having a bad day. Yes i am. I don't know there's a book out. There called dating men while you hate men or something like that. And i of course. I'm being facetious. Lake of hate men. But it's it's hard like. I just think all people are saying well the nigga fucked me over the fuck. My friends over. It's just this is women's mom we've been we've Dan girl is over while we're waiting and it's always women's one just like black history month anyway. Why i'm really in a salty. Mood is like i said this episode is inspired by a friend of mine having a drives price bell. And i've really been thinking about. Just how like is hard to start dating again but you also need to get fucked. So what do you do situations like this. I ain't gonna hold you. I'm going to speak for my friends in this episode. Only because my nigga actually fucked me so hard the other day. I didn't want to think of dick and then i was like who am i wearing single. You were like when i was single bitch fault. I was put out. I had one dig. You had a dry spell though right before you met your man you know why because we were in a pen dummy narrow bay pantene pro v. the data and that's what kept me from getting. You wasn't having boys. You were in dry spell before that you were like i'm not talking anyway. I was there when we were recording. And then remember you got on the plane and the plane and go yet. So was in december so what happened was in january. I actually did. Oh i actually dig get some dick. But they're not sick. Plan b and the reason. Why wasn't getting dick. Because i had a period every two fucking weeks the fucking plan be fucked up my cycle three months then a bitch motherfucking street one of my favorite nursery rhymes have. You can walk through mud. You can follow through. And i cannot. And i can't walk through mud. I'm against bitch. 'cause i cannot. I'm not fucking with below like no. I don't wanna god's favorite. It's only three days anyways yard. Joe's luckily luckily my boyfriend weights. And there's as you wanna fuck period. He seems like a nasty negative. No you know what's crazy. We actually had to have a conversation because he's just like i don't understand why you have to make an announcement every month like what like basically i'd be like well. You know mama period so or you come in well. I just getting off my period. And he's like. I will come around you regardless like why do you make your period like as a no fly zone like i'm not i don't have to fuck you when we're together and i was like well. This is new for me. Men normally don't wanna see me if i'm on my period because they just wanna fuck but he's just like the boy had to be like you don't have to make announcement i was like do not realize that. I have a whole podcast. We're i'm talking about periods. I think of as something very common. But he's just like you don't have to announce it doesn't have to be an announcement i love telling people when i'm on my period. I love it. i love it so much. We were building studio. It was me alexander. And i don't announce no i'm on my period. Peter downstairs the mid kill everybody better. Now i'm on my period. I swear to god mandy. I want everyone to know because if anything happens within this wrath you need to know why haven't excuse. I have a period. Unlike no other my period is so serious. I've endometriosis for one. And i just found out you just found out. Yes what does that mean. Oh my god so a lot of women that have had intense cramps all their lives. Like it's it's basically like it's a lot of tissues around your uterus so you have a difficulty you have difficulty during menstruation. Because you're in so much pain so much cramping and i didn't know and every time i would go to the guy. No no one said anything. Maybe recently happened. But now that i know i'm not saying this is like a get out of jail free card but bitch i will bring it up and you have a full week period right Oh god started but left. Stop eating red redmi the week before my period and during my period which helps a little bit but then something i heard I know you're you're a tea drinker. Right yeah yeah Raspberry leaf tea. I'll try it. It's actually for women with p. c. o. s. and it helps eliminate the cramps and pain that comes with period. Os zabuski hammer. has it. And she talks about her cystic acne but we loved her so much shave. You'll see what i mean. They they not now they are they are they are they not right. I switch it up quick now. Still fuck one of the worst periods of my life last week. Shout out to my friend dennis. He surprised me with a little birthday thing. Venus came rory low chasms was cool and in the middle of being out there. No we read. My house are in the middle of it. I started laughing while. We're playing cards against humanity. And

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