A highlight from Surgical Site Infections in Developing Countries Can be Solved



Pushkin if you're ready to travel again dulles international and reagan national airport's working hard to help you have a safe and enjoyable journey. We've implemented health and safety measures like sanitizing more often and requiring face coverings and was shopping and dining available in every concourse. You can enjoy a meal or grab a snack before you board visit. Mwa dot com slash safety to learn more about our safety measures and see available concessions. Hey i'm steven johnson. The host of wondering show american innovations where we go deep into the stories of scientists engineers and ordinary people who shape our modern world. When the telephone. I debuted newspapers accused of being supernatural. But the story behind the telephone is almost as magical as the invention. How did it teacher to the death. Create a device that could send a voice around the world. Listen to american innovations on apple podcasts or spotify or listen ad free by joining wondering plus in the wonder yep. This is solvable on jacob weisberg. I learned not to deal in limitation not to deal in obstacles but rather to deal in possibility out of nearly two thousand high school students. Beige taylor with recently named one of the forty finalists in the regeneration. Science talent scholar program. She was awarded. Twenty five thousand dollars for her work with beat died sutures to protect surgical site infections. I decided to create my project around the developing countries because they are disproportionately affected by surgical site infections. Specific according to the who patients with surgical site infections are twice as likely to spend time in an intensive care unit five times. More likely to be readmitted after discharge and twice as likely to dot deja taylor is seventeen years old.

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