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Is. Ted talks daily. Political innovator catherine gale discovered something when she asked a simple question how come. Politicians don't serve the citizens the regular everyday americans but continue to stay in power in her twenty twenty talk from fedex mile high. She focuses on what she says is the root cause political dysfunction and offers fixes. That aren't the ones we hear about very often everything i need to know about politics. I learned from cheese for the last decade of my business career. I ran a two hundred and fifty million dollar food company in wisconsin. Yes we made cheese. If liked my cheese. I did well if they didn't they bought cheese from someone else and i did less well. That's healthy competition. Healthy competition incentivizes businesses to make better products. Better products equals happier. Customers and happier customers equals successful businesses. Win win now while he was running gail foods. I was also deeply engaged in an increasingly frustrated by politics. The more frustrated. I got the more i wondered. Why competition in politics didn't deliver the same kind of win win. Results how does the democrats and the republicans keep doing so well when their customers. That's us are so unhappy. Why is the politics industry win lose. They win we lose the answer. It turns out that one thing almost all americans agree on washington is broken is also one thing were all wrong about. Washington isn't broken. It's doing exactly what it's designed to do. It's just not designed to serve us the citizens the public interest most of the rules in politics are designed and continuously fine tuned by and for the benefit of private gain seeking organizations. That's the two parties. A textbook duopoly and the surrounding companies in the business of politics. And they're all doing great even as the american public has never been more dissatisfied. Said another way. Politics isn't broken. It's fixed this. Guiding principle of politics industry theory the nonpartisan body of work that originated and have championed over the last seven years. Now before i go further i should tell you. I'm not on the red team or the blue team. I call myself politically homeless. Which may resonate with some of you and my work doesn't focus blame on individual politicians on either side of the duopoly. The root cause of our political dysfunction. The caused that endures across all election cycles and all administrations is the system. The perverted rules of the game. The rules of the game in politics even make prisoners of our senators and representatives. Their only option is lockstep allegiance to their side of the divide. So what do we do about it. How do we free. Our congress and make politics win win. We change the rules but which ones it's not what we think it's not gerrymandering. Knock the electoral college. Not the absence of term limits and not even money in politics really by looking at the system through competition lens.

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