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Today's guest is cecelia komo. Welcome to the status quo. Cecilia san. I'm so excited to be here. I'd love to start our conversation today with your journey. Your career journey. Can you share with a little bit about your story. Sure i'd love to and my committee journey is one. That is not linear so i think many people are surprised to learn that i came straight out of engineering school from the university of illinois and started my career as a military communication analysts so really designing and analyzing scenarios for wartime and the end of the world And i did that while. I was a hughes fellow at hughes space and calm and at the end of that i realized I didn't want to see in the classified world for my career. So i joined the internal project within the company which lucky me turned into its own company which is directtv so a satellite tv company challenging the cable industry with an improved customer experience. I'm better selection pricing and That business just took off and so as part of the engineering team of a company that had a startup culture but the cash you know from a larger company which risk hughes i just moved from You know over a range of different engineering roles. Everything from doing satellite design to negotiating transmission standards for high definition to a testing and certifying consumer electronics and then also leading big projects to build out broadcast center infrastructure.

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