Why Dermatologists Are Horrified by the Way Gwyneth Paltrow Applies Sunscreen



I did want to mention at the time of this recording that there has been a recent gwyneth paltrow controversy in which she filmed when some sort of skin care routine video for vogue and in the video she insinuates. She says she's not a person who slather sunscreen all over her body and then she quote dabs it onto the parts of her face the get son in the video. It looks like she only wear sunscreen. Unlike her cheekbones and her forehead bone and while because there has been a controversy that has evolved out of this. You know there has since been a comment released from goop in which they say that. Oh yes of course. She uses mineral sunscreen minerals screen all over her face but you know caroline runs past fep further past forever thirty-five guests and all around i think really wise to the point person when it comes to skin care i would. I would agree with that assessment. She went to town and she really called gwyneth and vogue out four posting this video e even as goop has insinuated. It was edited and it made it sound like. She doesn't wear as much sense renee. She does whatever they were. Still responsible for airing the video and it's it's misinformation and one thing that i really appreciated the caroline said was she was like she called out like dermatologists and skin care influencers. And she's like please. Don't don't be afraid to speak out about this just because gwyneth paltrow is a powerful person.

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