How Breaking Baseballs Unwritten Rules Is Changing The Game

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So we're going to rewind back last august when the padres and the rangers were playing each other home and home series between the san diego padres abbott taxes ranger and see eighth-inning. Thanks very much guys as we move along here to the eighth inning one. The cossio takes over for texas. The padres are up by seven runs and bases are loaded. that is all four and another walk. This sitting nicasio second. This will load the bases for the padre fernando tatis junior who's one of baseball's brightest young stars. He comes up to the plate and he works a three count now traditionally in baseball. You're supposed to not swing in the situation because it could be interpreted as trying to run up the score especially with the padres by seven runs and taty manager jayce tingler basically send them assigned to lay off the next pitch but tattoo doesn't see the sign and he crushes the ball out of the ballpark. This is to right. Field back at goes mando has done it again. Touchy junior grand slam. Hits a grand slam and so what happens after that is basically pretty familiar to a lot of baseball fans which is tattoos being the center of criticism for violating the unwritten rules of trying to run up the score. I didn't like it personally. we're up by seven and eighth innings typically not a good time to swing through and then something weird started happening which. I hadn't seen a lot in baseball. Culture in general was that people really came out in full force and start defending him. This is professional baseball. You've played at the end of this whole thing. I think you gotta keep in mind. Is the players. Game is a junior is not a child so stop demanding to be treated with kid gloves. It's time to get out of your feelings. Baseball boomers and it wasn't just media members. It

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