A highlight from April 11, 2021: Youth Sunday


Poem. And i'm a junior legacy christian academy. I invite you to listen for the word of the lord from the letter. To the fusions for god's handiwork created in christ jesus to do good works which god advance for us to do but before i dive into that i want to tell a little story when i was little i loved arts and crafts. I love drawing painting. Tie-dying and building little houses out of popsicle sticks but one of my old artwork stands out particular in my mind when i was probably about three or four years old. I had this butterflied coloring book that i loved. I spent hours strong this special butterfly. That was so detailed. I spent so much time on it. Making sure i drew inside the lines and i used all my favorite colors when i finished. I was so proud of myself. Every time i looked at it. I was filled with pride because it was my artwork and went in your powder. Something what do you have to do. Show it off. So that's what i was doing. I ripped out the page for my coloring book. And i started floating it all around the house. I was so happy that my work paid off and now i had this lovely artwork that i could share with everyone now. This is where disaster strikes. My brother happened to be angry with me that day. And i don't mean to expose him but he saw how happy and i was in my butterfly and he's snatch it from my hands and come up lost it. I started sobbing and screaming. And he's just standing there with a little smirk on his face. That little kids get. I just remember being so distraught. I did not understand how my little butterfly creation could end up like that. So then my mom being the amazing mother that she is here screaming and she comes in it. Just like oh honey. It's okay like we can fix it. And she walks over the printer and opens it up and puts the butterfly in and she stacks books on top it in an attempt to flatten it out in my mind. Though it was useless there is no point to try and fix my butterfly picture because it had been destroyed. This thing that i had worked so hard on was ruined in an instant. So i took it out of the printer and i threw it away. Now that i've told you this story. I want you to think about it on a little larger scale. God spends nine months forming us in our mothers womb. He says that we are beautifully and wonderfully made. He says that we are made in his image. He ordains a plans for our lives. Before we are even born referring back to my favorite verse. We are his handiwork but then we are born into his sinful world and we become crumpled just like my butterfly picture. We become liars and cheaters and steelers. And here's where the real differences in the story. Come into place instead of throwing us away. Like i did. My butterfly drawing god redeems us despite our fallen in broken this god sacrificed his own son to die for our sins on the cross. I just love because it's the ultimate 'lustration of god's love and mercy if my crumpled up butterfly affected me that much. I can only imagine the heartbreak that happens when we turned away from god. God knows that we are sinners and that is why jesus is the bridge from us to god he is so perfect and holy there is no way in our fallen state we could be with him and his loving nature. God sees our slate wiped clean through the acceptance of jesus as our savior. My mind cannot comprehend the grace love and mercy that god has for his creation especially in comparison to how quickly i lost confidence in my mini creation. Even though i know. I have heavenly father who created me in his image. It can still sometimes be hard to recognize that i was created for a purpose even harder than that is figuring out what my purpose truly is as a high school student.

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