Of their agent. Their information and the next two hours we had a constant line outside and we accommodated just shy of two dozen showings, each one again, patiently waiting till it was their turn. My phone was constantly ringing from agents with questions about the property and making appointments each day. When Steve Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Several ask about the contract deadline. Wonderfully tired? Yep, There were four levels more trips up and down to make sure each floor was empty before allowing the next buyer into the house. And it was way after five when I locked the house up Stopped the showings for the day Did I kind of mentioned that a one hour one hour is now a bit longer than it used to be. By the time I was back in front of my computer, the first offer had come in. Then the second, the third, the fourth and even 1/5. As each contract arrived. I alerted my cellars with the highlights in the terms of each one.

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