The Cross Of Christ In Luke 23:46


Luke chapter twenty three verse forty six. Then jesus calling out with a loud voice said father into your hands. I commit my spirit and having said this. He breathed his last here. We are on good friday of holy week the day when we remember commemorate specifically jesus dying on the cross. Obviously we remember the death of jesus. Every day the love of jesus laid down his life for us for our sense but on this good friday so much happened in history on this day as we think about jesus being arrested the night before and then he begins to be tried before jewish authorities preliminary hearing before aniston hearing before and trial before the jewish ruling council then before the roman authorities a first hearing before pilot than a hearing before herod than his last hearing before pilot as jesus handed over to be crucified from there. He is tortured. Mocked beaten scourged spit upon and then crucified on across where we see seven different sayings from jesus on the cross and the last one is luke. Chapter twenty three verse forty six when jesus called out with a loud voice father into your hands. I commit my spirit. Think about that. Jesus last words father into your hands. I commit my

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