How much has our country changed 30 years after the Rodney King beating


Like millions of americans have been watching the painful traumatic trial of minneapolis. Police officer derek chauvin and seeing so many witnesses have to relive the terror and pain and in some ways shame many witnesses have said that they are struggling with the feelings of guilt that they did not do enough. I mean the only thing that they could have done that they didn't would be to have thrown their bodies onto the officers onto onto. George floyd and there's no proof necessarily that any of that would have saved georgia's life but these men and women and children witnessed demand be lynched and what we're seeing at. The trial is the sheer terror. Pain grief remorse of what it means to have witnessed in twenty twenty a man be murdered in slow motion lynched in slow motion and as i've watched the trial day in and day out this weekend the expectation is that this trial could go on for. Maybe two to three weeks. As i've watched it and yesterday we saw for the first time the body cameras of the officers. Who were there i. I don't understand for the life of me why they were just now released. Thankfully many cities and counties and states across the country now have policies and laws that force body camera footage is like this to be released.

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