A highlight from A Walk Down Memory Lane


Tap is four hundred eighty s. I'm your host nikki trooper joining me as eight and frost. Brock arts ceos kid and no colton. He is a camping this week. In some forests or whatever you know dumb outside stuff yeah cool so before we get into our weeks. We've got a couple new patrons. Some leak has news a new patch a dev blog involving everyone's favourite catfish towed tomkins character. we've got a couple of new five stories. Thank you very much. we're gonna talk about Msi the was it the rumble stage or plans player on nick. Whatever not yet. We're going into a part one of plans instead of part two. We've got roundtable answers from last week. And i will entering new one for this week and then finally will close it out with some emails eight. How is your two weeks. Actually many weeks are good. I haven't played. I didn't play league a couple of weeks. I talked about it a lot on st last couple of days. and league is a hard game to get back into after not playing for a while So i had to play mainly because of decay on my three accounts to my counterpart to decay and i hadn't played for like three x my like lowest ranks murph which is diamond for. That's my the lowest ranked account. And i was just turbo feeding games. Oh yeah and played a bunch of them and it was nocco in great By start turning around by the end so after a couple of games but like it was it was a little rough and then one night. I liked decided. Hey i'm just gonna play my games on the main who cares. Just go for it right. Exact point three two. And i lost all three of them but i played well in two of them. I'm really happy at that. The first game. I did turbo feed. I went to in eight or something like that and like really hard lost the game but the other two games. I like one lane really hard. So i feel i feel like i'm playing better again. Which is the most important thing i think. Good at least yeah back onto this. Things is definitely the best. Yeah exactly so. I'm not too worried with that I still md to count. I'm still deform is like maine's smurfit then my middle smear from like ninety seven point still so. I almost have to account that her. Dc of still. Get a okay outside of that. A lot of overwatch overwrought is a fun game to play. I actually think it's like pre sick. I think overwatch. thing over arches missing is a player base Which i think overwatch to will hopefully provide to when it eventually come out so interesting. Yeah the overall a really good game though. I'm actually surprised. Because i used to be kind of like a bit of an overwrought hater Yeah it it's really just missing a player because you definitely do get like just. Some people have three or level. Three thousand meaning. They've committed like six thousand hours so they gave and then some people are like our entire premade group which is all like sub two hundred bubble players so there definitely is a difference. But i think it's just more because i don't think the player is that big for that game anymore but i always play my placements in that and i'm like platinum player in. I have a lot of fun so it's good outside of that. Nothing too crazy Just just having good good time. Awesome god three Sin and i finished part four as always She said it was her favorite part. So far I enjoyed one of the things that i really like about part for compared to the prices that they feel less Less like serious you know. They're they're tracking on a serial killer not dot to try to save the entire world. Right i i really like that aspect of it is You know it's it's a little more chill when that sticks are a little bit lower but aside from that Played some a little bit of league. Got my dick handed to me in game last night and then i think that's about it. It's been kind of quiet. We of will to move your recommendations for you walked back to back paddington paddington. To is that the bear. Yeah okay movies are so fucking sick dude interesting. Okay yeah i would recommend becoming. I watch them I think monday. And tuesday night or sunday and monday night. Or something like that. They fucking tennyson. Movies are sick to them.

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