Success is a Mindset


Say what's up to fire nation and what is something that you believe about becoming successful that most people disagree with. Hey john yeah well first off. Thanks so much for having me on today. I'm super excited to dive into today's episode And yes something that. Most people overlook when it comes to becoming successful I would say mindset. And and the reason i to say this is because we hear so much right. You're you know it's who you surround yourself with a two year mentors are. It's kind of sometimes lack of the cards. Your strategy here. A lot about that and all. That stuff is absolutely Accurate but nonetheless i think your mindset is so crucial and here's why right is that your mindset naturally when you decide. I'm going to become an entrepreneur when you take that leap. I'm leaving my nine to five job. You are instantly in the one percent. And i'm talking not one percent of the wealthy. You know maybe perhaps on your way but you're instantly in one percent in the sense that you are going against the grain of society right. Society is teaching us. Go go to get good grades. Go to good college. Get a good job. Save for retirement all of those types of things and as soon as you decide. No i'm gonna go and beat that one percent of decisive to create something to be an entrepreneur to build a business to impact people as soon as you decide to do that. You're going against ev. All the programming in the world. You're going against what what is taught to us as a culture and and so it's going to be

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